luni, 11 februarie 2013

Grammy dresses

Normally i wouldn't post this, because you can see the grammy dresses in any magazine. But some of the dresses really caught my eye and they really inspired me :) I liked them so much and i wanted so bad to share them with you! :) Enjoy !

În mod normal nu aș posta rochiile de la Grammy deoarece este plin de ele, atât online, cât și în orice revistă de modă care se respectă, dar unele au fost atââââât de superbe încat nu m-am putut abține ! Le-am ales doar pe cele care mi-au plăcut în mod deosebit !

luni, 4 februarie 2013

Hello, Monday!

This afternoon, I went with my boyfriend to eat some waffles, celebrating his good grade on the exam ( so proud of you! ). After that, even if it was freezing, he took me a couple of photos in the park ( thank you so much, I know how much you hate to do this haha ). Hope you all had a nice Monday! XOXO 

P.S. : Thank you for all your lovely comments, you are all very nice with me !